Ancestors of John David COX

Sixteenth Generation

34052. William FORSTER was born about 1500 in Aldermaston, Berks, England. He died 1575. William married Jane HUNGERFORD.

34053. Jane HUNGERFORD was born about 1505 in Down, Or So Amney, England. [Parents]


34054. John NETTERVILLE was born about 1504 in Dowth, Meath, Ireland. He married Alison SAINT LAWRENCE.

34055. Alison SAINT LAWRENCE was born about 1510 in Ireland.


34064. Thomas LATHAM was born about 1500 in Kingsthorpe, Northhamptonshire, England. He died 11 Oct 1558 in Culworth, Northamptonshire, England. Thomas married Elizabeth. [Parents]

34065. Elizabeth was born about 1479 in Culworth, Northamptonshire, England.


34080. Griffith WEAVER was born about 1506 in Herfordshire, England and agreed on marriage contract 1529 in Presteigne, Powys, Wales. He died in England. Griffith married Ellen SADLER. [Parents]

34081. Ellen SADLER was born about 1510 in Presteigne, Radnor, Wales. She died in England. [Parents]


34082. Thomas ANTON was born 1505 in Presteigne, Radnor, Wales and agreed on marriage contract about 1532 in Presteigne, Radnor, Wales. He married Katherine CHAMBERLAIN. [Parents]

34083. Katherine CHAMBERLAIN was born about 1517 in Presteigne, Radnor, Wales. [Parents]


49152. Oliver HALSTED was born 1509 in Rowley, Lancaster, England. He married Anne BARRCROFT.

49153. Anne BARRCROFT.


49160. Johannes WHYTLEY was born 1488 in Yorkshire, England. He was buried 1 Feb 1539 in Yorkshire, England. Johannes married Johanna.

49161. Johanna was born 1492 in Ovenden, England.


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